BIG BEN London

Project: Four clock faces for Big Ben

Location: London

Artist: John Reyntiens

Material: mouth-blown special opaque glass, solid

Exclusive design with mouth-blown glass

One of the best-known buildings in the world is no doubt the Elizabeth Tower in London. Built in 1858, the 90 meter high clock tower holding “Big Ben”, is part of the Palace of Westminster. Together with Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret’s Church, it was declared a UNESCO world cultural heritage site.

In the restoration and new glazing of the four clock faces of “Big Ben”, around 1300 mouth-blown glass panels were used. These were cut to shape after production and put together as the world-famous clock faces.

Symbol of this world

It fills you with pride and great joy to be able to see our mouth-blown glasses!

Rainer Schmitt, owner of Glashuette Lamberts