art from glass

Glass is a versatile material that offers many opportunities for artists to realize their visions and ideas.

Glass is a versatile material that offers many opportunities for artists to realize their visions and ideas.

Art with glass

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There are many different types of handmade and hand-blown glass, each with its own characteristics and optical qualities. By using different techniques and processes, artists can create stunning works of art from these different types of glass.

Although there are many different types of glass that can be used in art, it is ultimately the hand and imagination of the artist that decides how the glass is used and what type of artwork is created. Each artist has their own style and vision that they can express through the use of glass.

There are many different ways to work glass in glass art, and the artwork that is made with it can be very diverse. Glass artwork can range from small objects to large sculptures, windows, and wall designs, and can be created in many different styles.

Some processing techniques can be seen here:

Handmade flat glass - the original

Reamy glass - elegance and presence

Crackled glass - an extraordinary impression

Another popular type of glass is colored glass. This glass has a specific color that is achieved by adding metallic oxides. Colored glass is great for creating mosaics, sculptures and window art. Artists can combine different colors and textures to create stunning visual effects.

Classic Textures

Flashed Glass

Streaky Glass

Noble window glass in bright colors

Opaque ("milk glass") and opal glass sheets

Mirrored LambertsGlas®

Table Cathedral Glass

Genuine roundels

Genuine roundels are made by us in handmade individual production according to the traditional mouth blowing method.
Thus, each roundel is unique and perfect for your individual art projects.

    Crown Bullions

    Even today, these special glasses are still produced at Lamberts in a traditional handcrafted manner. Special designs are possible by arrangement.

    Another type of glass used in art is molded glass. This glass is formed into a specific shape by melting and casting. Artists can use it to create sculptural shapes and objects that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

    The casting process involves pouring the glass into a mold while it is still hot to shape it into the desired form.

    Hand-cast glass plates and glass molds

    Glass has the ability to magically capture light and transform it visually.
    As an artist, you have the vision and talent to transform your ideas into stunning works of art. As experts in glass, we would love to help you express those visions even better. We will be happy to advise you on the right types of glass and help you bring your projects to life.

    Whether you want to create a sculpture, a light object, window art, or something completely different, we have the right glass for you. We offer a wide selection of clear glass, colored glass, shaped glass and much more. Each type of glass has its own characteristics and optical qualities that lend themselves to certain projects. We will be happy to advise you on what type of glass is best for your project and how best to work with it to achieve the desired result.

    In addition to helping you choose the right glass, we can also assist you with the implementation of your project. We work closely with you to make sure the result is exactly what you want. 

    Our mission is to help you turn your creative ideas into stunning works of art. We want your projects to be one-of-a-kind and your vision to be perfectly realized. Let us work together to create your next great art.

      See what international artists have to say about working with us here:

      I have been using Lambert´s glass for over forty Years and in five continents. Lambert´s produce the most beautiful glass in the world, the most varied range and the most artistically sympathetic to the poetry of the medium.

      Brian Clarke, Artist

        The variety of mouth-blown and handmade Lamberts glass gives the artists an almost unlimited scope of design:

        One of the most common types of glass used in art is clear glass. It is very transparent and lets in a lot of light, making it ideal for creating light objects and installations. Artists can work with it by sandblasting, engraving or grinding to create interesting patterns and textures.