Streaky glass

All the sheets are made by hand, reflecting the time-honoured tradition of glassblowing.

All the sheets are made by hand, reflecting the time-honoured tradition of glassblowing.

Bright colour
convincing brilliance

Here Glashütte Lamberts has created a work of art with an identity unparalleled: No two sheets are identical.

Vivid colours of an inimitable brilliance add a special touch to this glass.


As a molten gather, the substance later to be called „flash” is first brought to the blowpipe. Here the shape is instrumental in bringing about the appearance of the flash. A round balloon produces a uniform flash, a pearshaped gather creates a shaded flash, and small notches a torn flash. The molten carrier glass is then applied over the small gather and blown into a cylinder shape. During the process of blowing, the appearance of the flash is kept under control. After completion of the glass cylinder, the remaining stages of production are identical to those of the Clear and Coloured Glasses.

The shaping and colouring process of the flash requires deliberate control, experience and craftsmanship on the part of the glassblower.

Technique and Colours

Our illustrations can only give a faint idea of the effects of the glass and the play of colours – they should help you when choosing your individual sheet of Original Lamberts-Streaky-Glass. Identically numbered glasses have the same character with respect to the colour, texture and structure. The unique method of production, however, guarantees the differences which make each and every piece the only one of its kind.

Sheet sizes: approx. 60x90 cm (24" x 36")
Thickness: approx. 3 mm (1/8")

All the sheets are delivered with their edges still intact. Small variations in the dimensions occur due to the handmade production of the individual sheets. Special designs are possible from 20 sheets, please contacts us!

More information about Flashed glasses.

Please visit our one-of-a-kind mouthblown flashed glass online gallery!

G157 red on blue,
graduated shading

G158 red on green,
graduated shading

G159 red on yellow,
graduated shading

G160 red on white,
graduated shading

G161 blue on white,
graduated shading

S26 selenium-red, selenium-orange and selenium-yellow on clear

S17 opaque white on clear

S27 red on clear

S34 goldpink and opaque white on clear

S48 waterblue and opaque white on clear

S54 red and opaque white on clear

S55 blue and opaque white on clear

S56 selenium-yellow and opaque white on clear

S57 pripecial-yellow and opaque white on clear

S61 opaque white on clear

S62 opaque white on clear

S63 opaque white on clear, dense

S244 blue, red and selenium-yellow on clear

S245 silver-yellow and violet on amber

S258 blue and turquoise

S259 blue on clear

S300 goldpink on clear

S324 blue on blue

S383 goldpink, red and blue on clear

S419 yellow and green on clear

S622 goldpink, blue and yellow on clear

S652 goldpink and silver-yellow on clear

0010 yellow green, Englisch Streaky

0015 yellow green, Englisch Streaky

0020 violet blue, Englisch Streaky

0025 violet blue, Englisch streaky

0030 grey, Englisch Streaky

0035 grey, Englisch Streaky

0040 brown, Englisch Streaky

0045 brownish, Englisch Streaky

0050 greenish, Englisch Streaky

0055 greenish, Englisch Streaky

0060 blue, Englisch Streaky

0065 blue, Englisch Streaky

0070 blue, Englisch Streaky

0075 blue, Englisch Streaky

0080 greenish, Englisch Streaky

0085 greenish, Englisch Streaky

0090 blue, Englisch Streaky

0095 purple, Englisch Streaky

0100 turquoise, Englisch Streaky

0105 turquoise, Englisch Streaky

0110 blue, Englisch Streaky

0115 blue, Englisch Streaky

0120 purple, Englisch Streaky

0125 purple, Englisch Streaky

0130 red, Englisch Streaky

Fields of application

From high-quality light-glass designs to brilliant and colorful glazing in an architectural context - there are practically no creative and design limits to the use of Streaky glass.

Sample projects

Haus Kiechle, Pfarrkirchen, Germany

    project: Haus Kiechle, Pfarrkirchen, Germany
    photo: Kökenystudios Pfarrkirchen
    architect and owner: Bert Kiechle
    glass: mouthblown Lamberts glass Streaky, double glazed unit


    Meditation room Erich Schickling Stiftung, Eggisried, Germany

      Meditation room Erich Schickling Stiftung, Eggisried, Germany

      Artist: Erich Schickling

      Studio: Glaswerkstatt Schwarzmayr Regensburg 

      Photo: Siegfried Wameser


      Berluti Store, Wuhan, China. Handcrafted, colored Lamberts glass sheets

        Photos: BYB Vision

        Paul Housberg | 222 2nd Avenue

          Studio: Glasstudios Derix Taunusstein
          Copyright © 2020 · All Rights Reserved · Paul Housberg

          1415 Louisiana

            Artist: Paul Housberg

            Studio: Glasstudios Derix Taunusstein

            Here you can see a short video, which should give you a better idea of the character of these glasses:

            • blue on clear, stormy
            • selenium-orange and opaque-white marbled on clear