Restauro® uv protection class / uv resistant glass

The worldwide unique window glass protecting against ultraviolet radiation with a filter effect directly integrated into the glass structure. Without any coating or externaly applied foils it protects precious objects and room setups reliably in the spectral range until 380nm.

The worldwide unique window glass protecting against ultraviolet radiation with a filter effect directly integrated into the glass structure. Without any coating or externaly applied foils it protects precious objects and room setups reliably in the spectral range until 380nm.

Perfect monument preservation
Glass variety

As the worldwide unique UV-protective window glass the filter effect is induced by the glass components itself and therefore it manages without any externally applied or laminated UV-protection foils or coatings. In this way it is possible to install restauro®UV in narrow rabbets of historical windows as a single glass panel with a thickness of 2-3 mm. In common with every other glass from Lamberts restauro®UV can also be processed to stained glass.

The protection-glass restauro®UV as an all-anorganic material is enduring and ensures an interminable protection. With it’s typical slight distortions this glass fits visually perfect in the structure of historical buildings and redounds at the same time in an aesthetical way effectively to the preservation and preventive conservation of precious artistic and cultural assets. The mouthblown special glass restauro®UV protects however effectively against UV-radiation until 380nm.

Here you can see the hand-blown glass sheet in motion. This allows you to recognise the surface structure and the effect when looking through it.


The patented process for manufacturing hand-blown UV protective glass combines knowledge of the melt, components and craftsmanship. In the Lamberts glassworks, one of the last production facilities in the world, hand-blown glass is still produced using the centuries-old craftsmanship that has hardly changed to this day.

Glassmakers form the viscous glass mass into an elongated glass balloon by turning and blowing on the glassmaker's pipe. Cut open on both sides, the result is a glass cylinder which, when cooled, is cut open lengthways and, after being heated again, is opened and stretched into a flat sheet of glass.

Technical data

Schematic representation of the light transmission of restauro®UV compared to industrially produced float glass without UV protection.

To verify the long-term stability in sunlight, restauro® UV was subjected to a polarisation weathering test. It showed neither a deterioration of the transmission values in the ultra violet spectrum, nor a noticeable subjective colour change in the transparency.

Fields of application

Historically precious objects and room setups exposed to daylight get inevitably affected by the damaging impact of ultraviolet radiation. Irreversible material transformations occur as a result. UV-rays fade sensitive colour pigments and destroy the structure of binders and lacquer layers. The entry of radiation into rooms occur particularly through window openings. Ordinary glass can not provide any protection.

The hand-blown special glasses restauro®UV and restauro®IR from LambertsGlas®, on the other hand, have a UV or IR protection filter built directly into the glass structure and make an effective aesthetic contribution to the preservation and preventive conservation of valuable art and cultural assets.

Sample projects

Lehár-Villa, Bad Ischl (former estate of the world-famous composer Franz Lehár)

    In May 2024, Mayor Ines Schiller and the head of the Federal Monuments Office ceremoniously opened the restored Lehár Villa in Bad Ischl. Our functional glass restauro®UV adorns the inner sashes of the box-type windows and protects the villa's unique interior from harmful UV radiation. In combination with the original glasses from the 19th century, our handmade 'cylinder glasses' are a perfect match.

    Find out more about the restoration of the Lehár Villa:

    Architect: Schrattenecker - Neureiter und Partner ZT GmbH

    Window manufacturer: Antique joinery Hans Lugger

    Church St. Marien | Wittenberg

      Church St. Marien, Wittenberg; Domain of Martin Luther and mother church of the reformation; restauro®UV as small-sectioned stained glass protecting the 1547 inaugurated altar with paintings of Lucas Cranach the Elder; installation 2014

      York Minster | York / Great Britain

        Brentanióhaus | Oestrich-Winkel

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          Information on the term "Goetheglas"

          Important note: "Restoration glass" and "restauro®" are protected by us.
          The term "Goetheglas" is not protected - so pay attention to the addition "mouth-blown" (!) if you value the authentic character of handcrafted glasses! Real Goethe glasses are handmade and mouth-blown. "Goethe glass is an old hand-blown window glass (so-called cylinder glass / cylinder stretch glass). It can show winds and individual bubbles. Used for the restoration of historical glazing. The name comes from the old window glazing of the Goethe House in Frankfurt."
          (Source: Hofmann Verlag, Alfons W. Fröhler)

          Historical window glass and monument protection

          The preservation of historically valuable buildings is very important today. The window and its effect have a significant influence on the appearance of a building facade. From the point of view of monument preservation, the restoration with the window glass glass manufactured according to the original process is the only safe and correct way! On the other hand, historicizing replacement products from machine production often very clearly disfigure an old facade! The glass, manufactured according to the original mouth-blown process, blends inconspicuously and easily into the facade. Substitute products from industrial production, on the other hand, are annoyingly eye-catching due to the regularity of the movement! The repair and maintenance of historical window constructions requires high technical skills and knowledge.

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