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Glass with a soul

Lamberts-Glass is glass with a soul. We are the only manufacturer in Germany who still uses traditional methods to produce window glass: Mouth-blown glass is worked into flat panels in a complex procedure. We even manufacture coloured glass, so-called ‘streaky glass’ or ‘flashed glass’, by hand.

Our manufacturing methods result in glass with a specific structure, making it particularly suitable for use in historic preservation or glass art. Whether it’s the magnificent windows of the Dresdner Frauenkirche or modern glass artworks in the Rockefeller Centre - Lamberts Glass adds a special touch to old and new buildings alike.

Traditional production methods
with passion

With a workforce of around 70 employees, our glassmaking company produces Lamberts-Glass in our factory in Waldsassen by hand, using a complex process. Glass is first smelted from sand, soda and lime, then coloured and finally blown into balloons. These are made into cylinders which are then reheated in the oven and finally formed into sheets.

The effort is well worth it, since this method results in the production of glass with unique properties: Small air bubbles and an uneven surface form an ideal basis for historic preservation work as well as glass art. We are not only bound by tradition but also by sustainability: We obtain our materials locally and continually invest in the improvement of our processes and our technical equipment.

Customer satisfaction
What counts

I have been using Lambert’s glass for over forty years and in five continents. Lambert’s produce the most beautiful glass in the world, the most varied in range and the most artistically sympathetic to the poetry of the medium.
Brian Clarke, London 2020

The Lamberts master glass blowers have preserved the noble tradition of making window glass with soul. Given that industrial flat glass has become a "non-material" in our buildings since World War II, it is a pleasure to create colored glass art with a material specially crafted by the manufacturer that has a unique character and is characterized by its properties to play with light and color.

Because I only use a limited amount of glass colors, I show the viewer the beauty of glass in its purest state. I would like to express my gratitude to the glassmakers for their care for the craft and the quality of their work.

Joost Caen

No other sheet glass possesses the ability to radiate daylight so brilliantly.
Romi Fischer, Artist

These handcrafted Lamberts glass sheets are the most beautiful in the world. They are simply the best material a stained glass artist can get.
Sarah Hall, Artist

My stained glass work would only be half as effective without the expressive Lamberts opaque glasses and their variety of colors. The charisma that could only be achieved with these glasses was missing.
Johannes Schreiter, Artist

Photo: Benjamin Mang
© Atelier Maqsoodi

Time has stood still, and centuries of tradition have found a way to meld seamlessly with modern innovation…a magnificent sight to behold, these were my initial thoughts when first I visited Lamberts glass manufactory in the early 1990s. At Lamberts, a kaleidoscope of colors of the highest quality hand-blown glass can be found. As an artist who treats glass like a canvas, working with Lamberts glass panels bring my artwork to life, making them glow like never before.
Mahbuba Maqsoodi, Artist

Colored light so sensuous and rich it will carry you away. Why design with your hands tied? Lamberts double flash is a gift from God via Waldsassen.
Guy Kemper, Artist

I work with Lamberts glass because I think quite simply this glass is most beautiful material on the planet. The sublime and flashed nuances in Lamberts glass are exquisite and move from the realm of traditional craft into what I see is the threshold of greater mystery. I love the rainbow potential for color. The energy and movement, especially in the streaky flashed glass produced directly in the furnace, has been an ideal starting point for creating the structure in my glass designs. Twice now when I have had the good fortune to take my students to Germany, we have visited Lamberts to see the amazing glass being produced. I so appreciate Lamberts hospitality.
Scott Parsons, Artist

If the material is as unique as Lamberts glass, then this supports the artistic process in a special, even essential way!

Karl-Martin Hartmann, Artist

As an architect you sometimes think you can solve everything yourself – but it was really an excellent cooperation. Our idea was in very good hands and it turned out just as we wanted.

Lotte Soborg, Architect

For over forty years I have used Lamberts mouth-blown glass in my architectural art glass commissions. Of course there is an amazing and extensive array of colours and types of glass to chose from but definitely a favourite in their standard line, which I have used extensively, is the 'stormy' opaque white and clear glass. It is a very particular glass with unique qualities that suits my needs in many ways; very adaptable for light control as well as a being great base for a variety of glass treatments. Placing a sheet of Lamberts glass on the table and cutting off the soft edges has almost become a ritual for me.

Alexander Beleschenko, Artist

As an artist, I have hundreds of different, brilliant colors and glass qualities to choose from when it comes to hand-blown Lamberts glass. I also know that the colors are lightfast for centuries to come, so I can guarantee my customers that my work will remain just as brilliant decades later shine like day one. That's why I use Lamberts glass for my glass work.

Celia Mendoza, Artist

Much of contemporary architecture emphasizes the honest expression of materials and a design approach that is responsive to the site. The inherent beauty and workability of Lamberts mouth-blown glass make it possible to extend those same principles to my installations of architectural art glass.

Paul Housberg, Artist

It is our mission to honour the past and embrace to future by creating timeless new stained glass designs and glass applications by using the traditional techniques and materials. Lamberts’ mouth-blown glass is indispensable in our projects! It inherits the same spirit. The beauty of this glass is timeless, dynamic and the key to happiness and success in every stained glass creation!

Katrien Mestdagh, Artist

Colored light are so convincing as a metaphor for all that is good and lovely in this world. It is truly a transformative material. Lamberts glass is undeniably gorgeous. It is already stunning to behold before i even touch it myself . I have been using Lamberts glass for my entire career. It's very receptive to all the ways in which i seek to manipulate glass.
Judith Schaechter, Artist

I am happy that I have been able to work with glass as a material for 30 years. The hand-blown Lamberts glass is my favorite carrier for my creative thoughts and pictures in glass. The colored overlay gives me the opportunity to create structures, depths and shapes using the etching technique. The luminosity of the colors and the structures in the glass support the implementation of a design in glass - excellently.
Rahmi Schulz, Artist

Very ambitious work is possible using colored flashed glass. The flashed layer can be processed by etching with hydrofluoric acid. The Lamberts glassworks in Waldsassen in the Upper Palatinate produces it in high quality and with a wide range. I use this glass in all my work. There is no substitute for it, anywhere in the world. My projects could not have been realized without the glass from Waldsassen.
Karl Heinz Traut, Artist

Lamberts mouth blown antique glass is without doubt the most beautiful hand made glass in the world.

Martin Donlin, artist

Glass is my passion - there is hardly any other material that shapes itself so wonderfully.

It feels more like a very high quality brocade to wrap yourself in. The luminosity and brilliance of the colors guide me through the artistic design and implementation of the glass art.

Anyone who has ever inspired people with this material will understand why Lambertsglas can be a life's work.

Katrin Engel-Meyer, artist

I have been using hand-blown Lamberts glasses for 57 years. The quality of the traditional production, as well as the brilliance of the colors are unique in the world.

Every delivery of the special flashed glasses from your glassworks is always a special and exciting experience for me.

Fritz J. Dold, glass painter

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Glashuette Lamberts was commissioned to manufacture a special type of glass for the construction of the Karolinkska Institute’s new laboratory building of the Akademiska Hus.
BIG BEN London
In the restoration and new glazing of the four clock faces of“Big Ben”, around 1300 mouth-blown glass panels were used.
Evangelical church | Duisburg-Meiderich
She succeeded in designing 43 church windows in the Evangelical Church in Duisburg-Meiderich, which is unique in the world.

Lamberts Glass stands for high brilliance, a unique brightness, a subtle and yet unique structure as well as high quality and cutting ability.

We produce glass according to individual customer requests and are able to deliver more than 5000 colours.

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