LambertsGlas® as Insulating Glass

It is possible to produce Insulating glass ( DGU – double glazed units ) from our mouthblown glasses.

It is possible to produce Insulating glass ( DGU – double glazed units ) from our mouthblown glasses.

Glass for any needs

The steadily growing needs for living comfort and energy efficiency often conflict with the requirements for authenticity and conservation when it comes to the modernisation of existing buildings. Windows and glazing hold an important position in this process and require particularly sensitive handling. When replacing single glazing in favour of modern insulating glass, this often results in the loss of the historical glass and, as such, also in the loss of the stylistic unity of glazing, window frames and façade.

The use of LambertsGlas® restauro® in insulating glass units combines the advantages of modern glass technology with the unique character of mouth-blown flat glass and therefore enables the external and internal appearance of a historic building to be preserved.

restauro® is handmade flat glass fabricated through the expertise of traditional techniques. The glass forms the basis for the various types of insulating glass of the Glashütte Lamberts.

restauro®ISO has the typical surface of mouth-blown glass with slight or more pronounced distortions and scattered bubbles. It is ideal for the energy conservation upgrades required for historic buildings.

restauro®ISO is a combination of a pane of mouth-blown glass and a low-e coated float glass pane. The space between the panes is filled with an inert gas. The unit‘s heat insulation values are comparable to commercial insulated float glass units.

restauro®ISO is available in ultra-thin 8mm thick (2-4-2 construction) glazing units and can thus be used in narrow historical window glass frames as well.

restauro®ISO can be custom fabricated with colored spacers to approach the colour of the window frame.

restauro®ISO can also be produced in technically exacting ratios thanks to thermal toughening of the mouth-blown glass.

restauro®ISO combined with special laminated float glass can be processed further into sound-insulating glazings (restauro®dB) as well as burglary protection glazings.

Mainly our restauro® Light 3mm and restauro® Classic 3mm is used in Insulating Glass; as a matter of course, other varieties of glass are available on customer-demand.

Manufactured into appropriate insulating glasses, mouth-blown window glasses also accomplish latest demands on heat- and sound-insulation.

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Structure of the insulating glass suitable for monument protection

The combination of high-quality, mouth-blown glass from Glashütte Lambert and insulating glass technology of the 21st century ensures glazing that is true to the original and saves energy.

Advantages of our insulating glass:

Mouth-blown LambertsGlas® in two layers, suitable for monument protection
Float glass with heat protection coating
Space between panes filled with inert gas
Spacers available in various colors and widths

Technical data


Mouth-blown flat glass is real craftsmenship. At the Lamberts Glassworks, one of the last production sites worldwide, this glass is still produced using the centuries-old handcraft technology that has hardly changed through today. Through the constant blowing and turning of blowpipes, glassmakers shape the viscous glass mass into an elongated glass balloon. Cut open on both ends, the result is a glass cylinder which is slowly cooled, then cut lengthwise, and flattened after being heated once again.

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Sample projects

Mitterteich Town Hall

© Foto © Hilgarth Architekten / fotogen
© Foto © Walter Wenisch

    Insulating glass with mouth-blown window glass restauro®

    Planner and project supervisor: Hilgarth Architekten, Marktredwitz

    Restaurant "Glanzers Michl" | Schesslitz, Germany

      "Palace of justice" | Munich

        Munich “Palace of Justice”, administration and court buildings; built at the end of the 19th century; restauro®ISO with restauro® light 3mm; Installation 2013/2014

        City hall | Waldsassen

          Photo: mju-fotografie, Marie Luisa Jünger
          Architect: Brückner & Brückner Architekten GmbH, Tirschenreuth | Würzburg

          City hall | Eibelstadt

            Haus Kiechle, Pfarrkirchen, Germany

              project: Haus Kiechle, Pfarrkirchen, Germany
              photo: Kökenystudios Pfarrkirchen
              architect and owner: Bert Kiechle
              glass: mouthblown Lamberts glass Streaky, double glazed unit