Flashed glass

This type of specially produced mouth-blown sheet glass is given their tint not simply by adding colour to the batch. Their colouration is created by means of the flash technique: The clear or tinted carrier glass is over-laid with one or two layers of coloured glass thus opening almost unlimited possibilities of variation.

This type of specially produced mouth-blown sheet glass is given their tint not simply by adding colour to the batch. Their colouration is created by means of the flash technique: The clear or tinted carrier glass is over-laid with one or two layers of coloured glass thus opening almost unlimited possibilities of variation.

Unlimited Variations
Glass variety

Consequently, multicoloured „flashes”, even curves and slight shadings as well as cloudy and „torn“ open glasses can be produced.

White milk glasses of opaque or opal quality which allow light to shine through but prevent inquisitive eyes from invading people’s privacy offer another large field of applications.


As a molten gather, the substance later to be called „flash” is first brought to the blowpipe. Here the shape is instrumental in bringing about the appearance of the flash. A round balloon produces a uniform flash, a pearshaped gather creates a shaded flash, and small notches a torn flash. The molten carrier glass is then applied over the small gather and blown into a cylinder shape. During the process of blowing, the appearance of the flash is kept under control.

After completion of the glass cylinder, the remaining stages of production are identical to those of the Clear and Coloured Glasses.

The shaping and colouring process of the flash requires deliberate control, experience and craftsmanship on the part of the glassblower.

Technique and colours

The size of a sheet is approx. 60x90 cm (24" x 36"), its thickness is approx. 3 mm (1/8"). All the sheets are supplied with their edges intact. Small variations in the dimensions occur due to the handmade production of the individual sheets. Due to the special annealing process, the Lamberts Flashed-Glasses are easily cut and processed.

The Flashed-Glasses vary greatly in shape and colour and are available in an almost unlimited variety of styles.

Their classification ranges from the uniform flash with minimal shading, cloudily shaded and torn flashes to multicoloured milk glasses and a special collection of striped Streaky-Glasses.

The illustrations are only intended to give a first general impression of the various possibilities of flashed glass. The size of the individual sheets is approx. 60x90 cm (24" x 36"), the thickness is approx. 3 mm. Unfortunately, the printing technology does not allow exact color representation.

Mixed Glass

Marbled, selenium oranged and opaque white on clear

Graduated shading, red on clear

dipped shading, blue on clear

Graduated shading, red and blue on clear

Stormy blue on clear

Variegated shading, red on yellow

Dappled, blue and yellow on clear

Twisted, blue and opaque white on clear

Striped multicolored

Ribbed shading, blue and opaque white on clear

Gently shaded, red on clear

Fields of application

Flashed glasses are always used when brilliant color designs and gradients are to be realized. They consist of 2 or more layers of different colored glass. Exact shading and contours can be created by further processing such as engraving or acid etching.

Sample projects

Teeth in the centre | Münster | Germany

© Reinhard Lindfeld
© Reinhard Lindfeld
© Reinhard Lindfeld

    Design: Reinhard Lindfeld

    Realisation: Lindfeld Metall GmbH, Senden

    Glass: Mouth-blown LambertGlas® mixed glass

    Louis Vuitton | Paris

      Project: „Inside the horizon“
      Location: Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris
      Artist: Olafur Eliasson
      Studio: Glaswerkstätten Hein Derix, Kevelaer
      Material: 43 stainless steel steles, aluminium, LED light system, mirrors; on one of the three sides a special overlay of LambertsGlas® lemon yellow was applied to variants of coal-amber base glass; rhombus shapes without a joint sealed with SilGel®
      Object size: 5,4 x 5,2 x 91 m

      Inside the horizon COLOR AND EMOTION

      Olafur Eliasson’s “Inside the Horizon”, which was developed especially for the new Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris designed by Frank Gehry, adds 43 triangular columns to the colonnade opposite the museum building. Two sides of each column are clad with mirrors, while the third consists of yellow glass tiles and is illuminated from the inside.

      The work stretches along the whole length of the colonnade and offers a lively play of light, shadow and reflections, as well as constantly shifting perspectives.

      St. Nicolai Church | KALKAR

        Project: St. Nicolai Church
        Artist: Karl-Martin Hartmann
        Studio: Glasstudios Derix Taunusstein
        Location: Kalkar, Germany
        Scope: 22 elongated church windows

        Colored glazing - Art towards the sky

        Clear images, such as depictions of saints, are sought in vain when looking at the big windows of the Catholic St. Nicolai Church in Kalkar. After more than 22 years, this glazing project has now reached completion. The Wiesbaden biologist and artist Karl-Martin Hartmann redesigned the hitherto unadorned church windows.

        As motifs, apart from his own artistic forms, he used images and graphic representations from nuclear physics and astrophysics, including Feynman graphs, depictions of three-jet events and deep sky images captured by the Hubble telescope. The new contemporary windows enter into a tangibly harmonious dialog with the medieval features, including nine late Gothic altars. The 22 large church windows combine the historical form of representation with the latest insights into the genesis of the universe, forming a unique reformulation of the history of creation.

        Louisville Assumption High School

        © James Steinkamp
        © Guy Kemper
        © Guy Kemper
        © James Steinkamp
        © James Steinkamp

          Title: Becoming.
          Size: 26' x 14'
          Artist: Guy Kemper
          Studio: Glasstudios Derix Taunusstein

          Bank Academy Stuttgart, Germany

            Artist: Raphael Seitz

            Photos: Jens Weber

            Studio: Glasstudios Derix, Taunusstein

            Color in motion: „Sail“ by @mahbuba.maqsoodi

              Mouth-blown flashed glass for the Munich project by Mahbuba Maqsoodi!


              The wall installation made of light and color takes the viewer with it in its dynamics and at the same time invites you to quiet contemplation on fundamental questions about your own being and the world.

              An empty room in the newly renovated Missio Munichhen office building inspired Mahbuba Maqsoodi to create her work entitled “Sail”.

              The artist with Afghan roots and a very eventful life story created a permanent wall installation made of glass, which now welcomes missio visitors in downtown Munich.

              Studio: Derix Glasstudios, Taunusstein

              Photo: @barbaradonaubauer © Atelier Maqsoodi

              Wu Tsang, Sustained Glass, 2019

                Acid etched Lamberts flashed glass, silicone, steel frame, 3 panels 457.5 x 341.6cm | 180 x 1/2 in

                Gropius Bau Berlin
                Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi
                Photo: Roman März

                Eldridge Street Synagogue

                  Project: Eldridge Street Synagogue

                  Location: New York, New York, USA

                  Artist: Kiki Smith and Deborah Gans

                  Studio: The Gil Studio, Inc.

                  Architect: Deborah Gans

                  Photo: Bendheim

                  Berluti Store, Ginza/Tokyo, Japan

                    Handcrafted, colored Lamberts glass sheets

                    Photos: Shigeta

                    Gampenalm – Ischgl, Austria

                      Design: Design-Storz

                      House chapel Erich Schickling Stiftung, Easter window, Eggisried, Germany

                        House chapel Erich Schickling Stiftung, Easter window, Eggisried, Germany

                        Artist: Erich Schickling

                        Studio: Glaswerkstatt Schwarzmayr Regensburg 

                        Photo: Siegfried Wameser


                        Here you can see a short video, which should give you a better idea of the character of these glasses:

                        • mixed glass selenium with different colours marbled on clear
                        • mixed glass selenium with different colours marbled and opak on clear
                        • selenium, blue and green on special-yellow
                        • 1058 U lemon-yellow on clear
                        • Selenium-yellow and blue dappled on clear
                        • silver-yellow and green dipped shaded on clear
                        • selenium-yellow, ribbed and opalis on clear
                        • blue and opaque on clear, dipped shaded
                        • blue twisted and opaque on clear
                        • blue and opalis ribbed on clear
                        • blue and opalis ribbed on clear
                        • blue and red dipped shaded on clear
                        • red on clear, EM-shaded
                        • red on clear, graduated shaded
                        • blue on clear, stormy
                        • Blue and red on clear
                        • selenium-orange and opaque-white marbled on clear